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2020-05-11: We’ve been working on the web site and have almost completely finished the upgrade! The dice roller has also gotten a few behind the scene’s programming improvements. Should be done with the website soon and moving on to some other fun stuff.

2020-02-28: We are going to be at Nerkcon 8 this year! We are running events for Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter will also be available for sale directly from us! Please come see us!

2019-09-23: Treasure Hunters web page has been updated! Not too many left before the website has been fully updated and I’m able to move on to other projects.

2019-09-16: Website and Division Six are still in progress. The revamp for Division Six is going well. Hopefully we will have a new page updated this week.

2019-09-08: Another page on the website has been updated. Its slow going but at least we are making progress.

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