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2017-09-25: Good news! We have updated the treasure rolling application for Treasure Hunter. The treasure roller will now stack items instead of listing them individually. So instead of displaying three life potions when you roll that many it will show Life Point X 3. Items will also always appear in the same order.

2017-07-02: A fan pointed out a glitch in the Treasure Hunter treasure rolling app that caused it to not roll certain treasure like regular and major life and mana potions. Some weapons were also not being rolled. The problem has now been fixed for both the online and download version of the application.

2017-01-15: Shira from the cover of the Treasure Hunter book just made a cameo appearance in a really great web comic called Always Human ! You can see her appearance here . We would like to give a special thank you to Ari for having Shira appear as a guest in the comic.

2016-10-30: The reviews are in! Special thanks to Ryan Bassist Boggs and Boggsimus Games for a great write up of Treasure Hunter over at Easy Roller Dice Co. Check it out Here

2016-08-01: Treasure Hunter is now available to purchase in softcover from the Barns and Noble and Amazon web sites. See product page for links.

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